Fox News & Donald Trump Lie When They Say Democrats are Socialists — Here’s why — by Eddie Krassenstein

Brian & Eddie Krassenstein
2 min readAug 3, 2019

Not a Single Democrat running for President is a “Socialist!” I’m sick and tired of hearing the opposite. It’s as if 50% of America has somehow completely forgotten 7th grade World History. Socialism is a government in which capitalism does not exist. In a Socialist government, the government runs all businesses and all means of production within that country. That’s what socialism is!

  • Socialism is NOT single-payer health care.
  • Socialism is NOT free college tuition.
  • Socialism is NOT the distribution of wealth to those in need.
  • Socialism is NOT a higher progressive tax rate for the wealthy.

If Socialism was all of these things, like Republicans try and claim over and over again, then I have news for you: America would already be a socialist country and we would have been for over a century.

  • America already has single-payer health care. It’s called Medicare, and your senior citizen parents or grandparents are the beneficiaries. It started over 50 year ago. In fact the first president to suggest a national health insurance plan was Teddy Roosevelt 107 years ago, and he was, you guessed it, A REPUBLICAN!
  • America already has free college tuition. It’s called Federal grants, and they began with the the Higher Education Act 50 years ago. They have helped millions of young adults get an education they would not have had access to without.
  • America already distributes wealth through many public programs, including Social Security, which was founded by President Franklin D. Roosevelt 84 years ago.
  • America already has a progressive tax rate. In fact, the wealthy pay a far lower progressive tax rate today than they did over the past 100 years. The highest progressive rates on the wealthy were seen nearly 50 years ago, and were part of many Republican tax plans.

So, I beg you to please go back to your history books and learn a little bit about socialism before you open your mouth. And yes, that includes you too, Donald Trump and Fox News!