How Joe Biden Could Stop the GOP’s ‘Mental Decline’ Claims in 10 Seconds

Brian & Eddie Krassenstein
2 min readApr 13, 2020

After Trump’s ridiculous attempts to frame Joe Biden as a corrupt politician in his phony Burisma scheme, the GOP and Trump surrogates have been working overtime trying to come up with a new way to attack Trump’s 2020 presidential challenger.

So far, the main attack on Biden has been in the form of an onslaught directed toward his mental well-being. The former vice president, who has battled a stuttering problem since childhood, oftentimes has trouble getting the exact words he wants to say, to come out at the right times. There is absolutely no indication that this has anything to do with “mental decline” like the GOP seems to claim on a daily basis.

President Trump, who himself has claimed to be a “stable genius,” has also, at times, had difficulty speaking. He’s been criticized for slurring his speech, has had recurring problems with saying words that simply don’t exist, and has had multiple psychologists, from afar, diagnose him as being everything from a malignant narcissist, to suffering from paranoia, to even being a “sociopath.” The case could certainly be made that his mental health is not up to par.

There is one simple way that Joe Biden’s campaign could put an abrupt end to the GOP’s endless and baseless attacks of “mental decline.” It would only take a 2…