If Democrats are ‘Socialists’ Then America has been a Socialist Country Since Day 1 — Eddie Krassenstein

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When one thinks of the term “socialism,” depending on your age, you will likely think of one of two things:

  1. America’s historic enemies, such as Karl Marx, Fidel Castro and the old days of the Soviet Union.
  2. Modern day Scandinavia and similar philosophies and governments.

True socialism is a government that owns and controls means of production and the majority of the means of making a living. In a true socialist system private companies cease to exist. The government produces everything made within the country and then disperses it or its profits to their citizens.

Modern times, however, have led to some people, mostly younger generations, referring to governments such as the ones we see in Scandinavia as socialists. To take things even further, even Bernie Sanders calls himself a Socialist, when his ideas are no where within the same spectrum as Marxism.

When President Trump and much of the GOP and even some of the Democratic Party attacks socialism, they are doing so by bringing up the socialism of Marx and Castro, because this form of socialism (the real form of socialism) is a cousin to Communism and has been viewed as “evil” by the Western World for over a century.

Republicans like to refer to ideas such as Medicare-for-all, government paid college tuition, unionized workers, and welfare as being socialism. Surprising to many, however, is that they simply are not. When these initiatives are run within a government that has free market capitalism, they can not and should never be referred to as socialism (Yes, Bernie Sanders is wrong). If this were the case, then America would already be called a “Socialist government.”

Public roads, a progressive tax system, public schools, medicaid, medicare, social security, and even a publicly funded wall at the southern border are no different ideologically than Medicare-for-all, highly unionized workers, free college tuition or any other ideas that we see thrown out there by some of the more left-leaning Democrats.

You can’t have it both ways. If Socialism is simply the act of taxing the wealthy at higher progressive rates than the middle and lower classes in order to help balance the playing field, then America has been a socialist government since day one. In fact, we have become less socialist over the past 60 years, if you look at progressive tax rates.

So as we creep closer and closer toward the next election, you can expect to hear the term “socialist” over and over again by both Democrats and Republicans alike. When you hear that term, however, be sure to ask yourself if the term is referring to Marxism or simply the act of funding needs of the public through taxpayer dollars. There is a difference, and it matters!

— Eddie Krassenstein

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