Newly Obtained Tara Reade Court Documents Reveal Further Contradictions in Her Story


As more details emerge surrounding Tara Reade’s various allegations and her questionable past, contradictions have begun to arise when comparing her previous accounts of events to her current ones.

We have now obtained three packets of court documents surrounding events which Reade was involved in in 1996, from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. The documents include apparent divorce records as well as apparent restraining order filings concerning Reade and her former husband Theodore Dronen.

All of these documents can be read below (note: we’ve redacted some addresses as well as names of those who were minors at the time of filing.)

As one can see, per Jud Lounsbury of The Progressive, a court appointed psychologist, during Reade’s divorce in 1996, stated that Reade’s “personality characteristics predispose her to dramatically respond to a variety of situations”.

Some of the noteworthy items that appear in these documents include the fact that Dronen paints a picture of Reade as being a liar who misinformed the courts about his childhood, and lied about abuse of their daughter, among other facts. During the proceedings, a court appointed psychologist suggested that Dronen did not present a threat to Reade and his daughter.

Dronen also speaks of Reade’s mother as being an alcoholic who was not kind to Reade, and her father as someone who physically and emotionally abused her.

The documents show that Reade’s husband had planned to move from Washington DC to North Dakota and that Reade planned to go with him, which strongly contradicts Reade’s previous claims. The husband claimed at the time that Tara “was aware” of the job offer he had in North Dakota and “shared interest in moving to North Dakota with [him].”

Dronen also alleged at the time that Reade‘s account of their relationship and his past were’ “inaccurate, misleading and distorted,” saying she lied in her filing about his education when she claimed that he had no “formal academic training." Dronen in fact had a degree from Moorehead State University, where he had two internships with a US Senator.

While divorce filings and requests for restraining orders will usually have contradicting points of view, the filings do show that Reade’s story continues to change, her past and current claims continue to be proven false, and that she too was allegedly physically abusive towards Dronen. Notably, Dronen alleges that Reade “has on past occasions struck me; specifically, in the face.”

Other apparent contradictions appear as well in the extensive documents below.

Once again it’s important to note that none of this means Reade is lying about her claims against Vice President Biden, but her history of apparent lies, deception and deceit should be thoroughly examined and considered.

Below are three documents (if it doesn’t display, please click the link)

This is part 4 in a series of articles examining Tara Reade’s contradictions and alleged past crimes or misdoings. Read the previous articles below:

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