Our Environment Needs Us Before It’s Too Late— by Eddie Krassenstein

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We live in an odd time — a time when much of the progress we have made as a country, in terms of environmental protections, has been put in reverse. Now is the time to once again put our own planet ahead of greedy corporations, harmful special interests, and ridiculously overpaid billionaire CEOs.

This topic brings up a lot of finger pointing, especially from within politics, but this should not be a political issue. This is about protecting our planet and our own future generations.

The dwindling reliance on scientific facts, combined with corporate greed and mass deregulation, has pushed the once obvious motive of protecting our planet to the backseat, while wealthy billionaires and uneducated individuals who‘d prefer to buy into conspiracy science rather than legitimate scientific research and facts, are propelled to the front of the line.

Let’s take, for example, the coal and fossil fuel industries. While other nations swiftly try and move past their reliance on these ancient forms of energy, in favor of safer, more ecologically friendly alternatives, America remains stagnant. We have become a nation that is essentially being controlled by wealthy entities dumping quicksand on the legs of technological pro-environmental progress.

There is no reason why America shouldn’t lead the world in green technology. No, I’m not talking about swiftly adopting the Green New Deal, or completely putting the fossil fuel industries out of business. I’m talking about leading a wave of deliberate actions that lead to a gradual phasing out of coal, oil, and other fossil fuels that could be replaced or at least complemented with current ecologically friendly technologies.

Opponents to the idea say that it would put hundreds of thousands of workers out of jobs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Every job that is lost would likely result in another job that is created. Government assistance could be set up to help train individuals working within these outdated industries so that they could ease into work within the green energy field, and succeed in doing so. It won’t be easy, but change never is.

I live in a state (Florida), where we continue to put the sugar cane industry ahead of our natural waterways. We allow algae blooms and pollution from fertilizers to kill our fish, harm our Bottlenose dolphins and put our threatened manatees’ lives at great risk. Not only does this hurt our environment and some of the amazing species within it, but it also puts fisherman out of jobs and greatly tarnishes the state’s once prestige tourism industry.

We must all ask ourselves the question of, ‘Do we want future generations looking back at us questioning why we rejected science in favor of greed, or would we prefer that our grandchildren gaze to the past, thanking us for ensuring that America became a world leader in a technology that helped make all of our lives better?’

I know for a fact what your answer is. Now it’s time to stop putting money and greed ahead of what’s right, and make it happen.

— by Eddie Krassenstein

The Krassensteins are journalists who have written for The Independent, Hill Reporter, 3DPrint. https://muckrack.com/eddie-krassenstein

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