BitClout: The Many Ways in Which Individuals Can Monetize Themselves

Buy Your Own Creator Coin

When a user signs up to BitClout they have the option to purchase their own coin. For those unaware, every user on BitClout essentially becomes their own cryptocurrency. Other users can buy that currency if they like what they see, and anyone who does buy a creator’s coin can hold it, transfer it to another user, or instantly sell it if they choose. If, for instance, the creator becomes inactive, starts spewing hate speech or simply stops putting out content that the “coin holder” feels is valuable, they can instantly sell that creator’s coin.

Founders Reward


Charge for Direct Messages (Coming Soon)

Third Party Monetization Methods

Thanks to third party apps and nodes, there are already numerous other ways to monetize one’s profile on BitClout:
- — Allows users to charge for video shoutouts similar to
- — Allows Users to setup ClubHouse-like voice chats and open them up to only those who own their coin on BitClout.
- — Allows Users to sell tickets to events via BitClout
- — Allows Users to get paid in BitClout for Reclouting others’ posts.
- — Allows users to turn their live-streams into a telethon-like coin-buying platform.
- — Allows users to serve exclusive content to their BitClout coin-holders.

“Invest” In Other Users

Future Possibilities

The future possibilities are endless. Never before have we had a social platform that was also built upon its own currency framework. This means that every social user also has easy access to a native currency that can be quickly and effortlessly transferred, utilized and saved within the platform itself. Sure, Facebook or Twitter could implement native currencies to their platforms as well, but since BitClout was born into their own crypto token, the use of the currency is the norm rather than the exception.



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