The Only Way for Bernie Sanders’ Movement to Survive is to Elect Joe Biden

Brian & Eddie Krassenstein
3 min readApr 9, 2020

Another four years of Trump means the Supreme Court would likely shift to seven conservative and just two liberal justices, making Bernie Sanders’ movement just a blip in history.

President Trump, with much help from Senator Mitch McConnell, has effectively used his presidency to shift the nation’s court systems further to the right. Conservative judges have been appointed to the courts on a consistent basis, with virtually nothing standing in the way of this seemingly never-ending shift to the right.

While this has been taking place, the Democratic party has been debating on who should be the next nominee to take on Donald Trump in the 2020 election. As of this week, the answer is officially Joe Biden.

While the former Vice President’s ideologies are viewed as being very moderate, especially when compared to his greatest democratic opponent, Bernie Sanders, the reality is that Biden is now America’s last hope for a progressive American — at least anytime in the next 25–30 years.

If Bernie Sanders supporters sit at home on election day, refusing to vote for Joe Biden out of spite for the Democratic party, they will essentially be throwing in the towel for Bernie Sanders’ movement. Without Joe Biden becoming the next president, President Trump will likely replace two of the Supreme Court’s liberal justices with far right conservative alternatives.

There is a very strong possibility, if not probability, that both Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg (87 years old) and Stephen Breyer (81) will step down from the Supreme Court before 2025, meaning the next President will appoint their successors.

If Trump has the chance, he will surely replace both justices with far-right, socially and fiscally conservative judges who would, in all likelihood, stand in the way of many of Bernie Sanders’ key ideas. Surely, if given the chance, they would rule against laws enabling Medicare for all, free college tuition, housing for all, expanded social security, taxes on the super wealthy, and many women’s rights issues.

Remember, these judges are appointed for a lifetime, and the average age of an appointee is just 53 years old. This means we could have a highly lopsided…